Budget for a Month in Bologna, Italy

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Bologna, Italy

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Bologna for a Month?

The budget for a month in Bologna depends on the level of luxury required. We believe traveling full-time requires a moderate level of comfort. Most people (us included) could not stay in a hostel month after month and continue to travel indefinitely. With that in mind, two people can stay a month in Bologna comfortably for less than $2,900. On the other hand, if you require 4-star accommodations and white tablecloth meals, it will cost significantly more.

Where did this number come from? Well, we spent a  month in Bologna, and I kept a detailed spreadsheet with all our daily expenses. I used this spreadsheet to put together three budgets (low, mid, and high) depending on various requirements. The budgets include a breakdown that will allow you to put together your own estimate based on your needs.

Of course, these budgets assume you live like us and stay in one place for the entire month. If you move around during the month, your budget will go up for the increase in transportation and lodging (shorter stays cost more per day).

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Monthly Budget for Two People in Bologna

There are substantial savings when traveling as a couple or with a friend compared to traveling alone. For example, there are savings on the grocery bill. It’s more than it would be for a single person, but it’s not twice as much money. On the other hand, some costs are twice as much. There are rarely discounts on museum tickets or other entertainment.

If you want to estimate how much it would cost to travel alone, you can make some deductions for Groceries and Dining, Entertainment, Transportation, and International Health Insurance. However, the Lodging and Miscellaneous costs will be about the same for one person as for two.


Bologna has a very large Old Town with many beautiful buildings and porticos. Because the Old Town is large, the desirable area to live in is also large. The inventory for short-term apartments is big, so you can get a nice apartment in a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly area for much less than other Italian towns like Milan and Rome.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
Short-term stay apartment in Old Town – Entire Home$1,300 $2,000 $2,500
Bottega Ranocchi 1972 in Bologna, Italy
Quadrilatero Market in Bologna, Italy

Groceries and Dining

The small “express” grocery stores in the central historical area of Bologna are small and more expensive than the surrounding areas. If you want to keep your grocery budget down and you don’t want to walk or take public transportation outside the city center, I recommend shopping at the Pam on Via Guglielmo Marconi 28.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
$750$1,450 $2,150
GroceriesY – $25 per dayY – $25 per dayY – $25 per day
WineNless than $15 per bottle wine$15 to $20 per bottle wine
Street FoodNYY
Sit Down RestaurantsNone $100 dinnerfour $100 dinners
Entrance to FICO Eataly World in Bologna, Italy
Music Museum in Bologna, Italy


Bologna has several great museums to enjoy during your stay. Luckily, these can all be seen with the Bologna Welcome card for 25. In addition to exploring the museums, a popular form of entertainment in Bologna is walking around the Old Town porticos. This is an endless activity that is free.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
$100$200 $300
Weekly Budget for Tickets and Experiences$25$50$75


The transportation budget assumes you are coming from Trieste Airport. The cheapest way between Trieste Airport and Central Trieste is by train, and many trains stop there for $5 per person each way.

If the train station is too far from your accommodation or walking with your luggage is not your thing, a taxi is about $75 each way. To book a taxi or private transfer in advance, we recommend GetTransfer.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
$20$150 $250
To and from airport via trainY, $20NN
To and from airport via taxiNY, $50Y, $50
One Day Trip via trainNYY
Two Day Trips via trainNNY

International Health Insurance

This fixed cost does not vary from month to month or location to location.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
$300 $350 $400
Worldwide Coverage (except the USA)YYY
Inpatient CoverageY – $10,000 deductibleY – $10,000 deductibleY – $10,000 deductible
Outpatient CoverageY – $1,500 deductibleY – $1,500 deductibleY – $1,500 deductible
Wellbeing CoverageNYY
Vision & Dental CoverageNYY
International EvacuationNNY


The miscellaneous expense budget is a catch-all for everything else. This includes toiletries, clothing, and technology costs. We only need one VPN subscription, one eSIM plan, one Netflix subscription, and one Traveling Mailbox.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget
eSIM$7 for 3GB$10.50 for 5GB$16 for 10GB
Streaming Subscriptions$15 budget$30 budget$50 budget
Traveling Mailbox$21$21$21


The monthly travel budget varies significantly based on the level of accommodation required, how often you eat at restaurants and the quantity and quality of wine you drink.

Low Monthly Budget Mid Monthly Budget High Monthly Budget

In addition to the factors discussed above, the budget for a month in Bologna will also fluctuate based on the season. The summer months are always more expensive than the winter months. However, Bologna is not among the most popular tourist destinations, so the summer prices are not inflated significantly.

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